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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

mistake :)

people tend to make mistake.its doesn't mean that other people can suddenly judge them by the mistake.making a mistake or failure doesn't mean its the end of the world.I know some people cant stand with others people  mistake.but hey hey! its normal.that's what we call life.for me making mistakes is one way of learning process.sometimes we didn't realize that the way we behave,the way we talk make people around us feel uneasy.maybe we think we are on the best behavior.but we dont.we live in a society,we should remember that.u cant live alone in this world.we need our family,friends,classmate,neighbor, and all around us to survive in this world. i know im not that good.but i realize that and trying to change my self to be a better person.

for those people who feel uneasy with my behavior or the way i talk.u can just meet me and talk to me about it.dont worry i wont scold u or get angry about it.i need those compliment weather its negative or positive.Its help me to change my self to be a better person.but please dont be such a hypocrite.its really looser la~ if u dont like me just tell me,u dont have to spread the mistake i make to others people.or its spreading news about others people mistake make u feel good? than.good for must having so much blast about it.duh~

for the wrong i did.i'm really sorry.

and please.dont look down on dont have any idea what that people will be in the future.  :)


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