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Sunday, July 11, 2010


ok.buhsan even ada benda nak buat pun.
saja membusykan diri dengan jahit menjahit sebab xnak layan perasaan :(
i may look happy outside but deep inside there lots of stuff that i had to deal with.

to ma,
rindu~ huk2.


!!~miss kawaii~!! said...

r u oke ?
chill je ye...

pikaka said...

thx miss kawai! :)

xazryx said...

riang2 kn la diri .hohoh .

Umie Nadhirah said...

:) jangan sedih2..

jahit la beg Umie ^___^

Umie follow k.

pikaka said...

thx azry thx umie :)

amroll said...

Alala.He.Ma dapat on9 free gne dg.He.Syoknye.Hak2