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Thursday, April 22, 2010

plastic bag

About 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year and are causing a global epidemic.
For example factories around the world churned out a whopping 4 to 5 trillion of them, ranging from large trash bags to thick shopping totes to flimsy grocery sacks. Disadvantages of plastic bags is that it can last up to a thousand years in a landfill and kill up to one million sea creatures every year,such as birds,whales,seals,sea turtle and others and number of marine mammals that die each year because of eating or being entanglement in plastic is estimated at 100,00 in the north pacific ocean people must think properly co-operate to reduce the use of plastic bags and finally stop using it.So that we can save our environment, animals, life and nature.

With just one click!show your support for this plastic bag campaign and show us your awareness.
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amroll said... buang plastik beg dlm kete ma jela ek..hak2.

pikaka said...

tu kan wajib syg.hak2.
ek eleh.bru letak plastik pun nak bising la.heh!